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Kalyani Vihara, aka: Kalyanika Vihara; 1 Definition(s)


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In Buddhism

General definition (in Buddhism)

A monastery attached to the Kalyani cetiya. It was from the earliest times the residence of eminent monks, such as Dhammagutta (the Earth shaker) and his five hundred colleagues (Mhv.xxxii.51) and of Godattatthera (MA.i.100). Here a thera, called Pindapatiya, once recited the Brahmajala Sutta, and the earth trembled as he finished his recital (DA.i.131). Near the vihara was the village of Kaladighavapigama, where monks who lived in the monastery went for alms (SnA.i.70; AA.i.13).

King Kanittha Tissa built in this monastery an uposatha hall (Mhv.xxxvi.17). Vijayabahu III. restored the vihara, which had been damaged by the Damilas, and reconstructed the cetiya, crowning it with a golden finial. He also built a gate tower on the eastern side (Cv.lxxxi.59f).

In the fourteenth century Alagakkonara seems to have bestowed great patronage on the monastery, and to have done many things for its improvement (See Ceylon Antiquary and Literary Register i.152; ii.149, 182).

Even in the fifteenth century the monastery was evidently considered one of the chief centres of the Sangha in Ceylon, for we find that the monks, sent by Dhammaceti from Ramanna to Ceylon, received their ordination in the sima of Kalyani vihara, and that on their return they consecrated a sima in Pegu known as the Kalyani sima (Bode, op. cit., 38).

Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

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