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kahāpaṇa : (nt.) a coin whose value is about a half-crown.

(Source): BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

Kahāpaṇa, (doubtful as regards etym.; the (later) Sk. kārṣāpaṇa looks like an adaptation of a dial. form) 1. A square copper coin M. II, 163; A. I, 250; V, 83 sq.; Vin. II, 294; III, 238; DhsA. 280 (at this passage included under rajataṃ, silver, together with loha-māsaka, dārumāsaka and jatu-māsaka); S. I, 82; A. I, 250; Vin. II, 294; IV, 249; J. I, 478, 483; II, 388; Mhvs 3014. The extant specimens in our museums weigh about 5/6 of a penny, and the purchasing power of a k. in our earliest records seems to have been about a florin.—Frequent numbers as denoting a gift, a remuneration or alms, are 100, 000 (J. II, 96); 18 koṭis (J. I, 92); 1, 000 (J. II, 277, 431; V, 128, 217; PvA. 153, 161); 700 (J. III, 343); 100 (DhA. III, 239); 80 (PvA. 102); 10 or 20 (DhA. IV, 226); 8 (which is considered, socially, almost the lowest sum J. IV, 138; I, 483). A nominal fine of 1 k. (=a farthing) Miln. 193.—ekaṃ k° pi not a single farthing J. I, 2; similarly eka-kahāpaṇen’eva Vism. 312.—Various qualities of a kahāpaṇa are referred to by Bdhgh in similes at Vism. 437 and 515. Black kahāpaṇas are mentioned at DhA. III, 254.—See Rh. Davids, Ancient Measures of Ceylon; Buddh. India, pp. 100—102, fig. 24; Miln. trsl. I. 239.

—gabbha a closet for storing money, a safe DhA. IV, 104; —vassa a shower of money Dh. 186 (=DhA. III, 240). (Page 202)

(Source): Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary
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