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Alternative spellings of this word include Jayadevachhandas.

In Hinduism

Chandas (prosody, study of Sanskrit metres)

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Source: Shodhganga: a concise history of Sanskrit Chanda literature

Jayadevachandas (जयदेवछन्दस्).—The Jayadevachandas is the literary testimony of Jayadeva’s scholarly contribution. He follows the path of Piṅgala and includes both the Vedic and classical metres in his text, which is missing in the work of his predecessor Janāśraya. The “New Catalogus Catalogorum” records three commentaries of Jayadevachandas. The commentators are Vardhamāna, Śrīcandrasūri and Harṣata, son of Mukula Bhaṭṭa.

The Jayadevachandas is divided into eight chapters named adhyāya covering both the Vedic and classical metres. The text is exhibited in both sūtra and kārikā forms. Chapters 1-7 are presented in sūtra form, while chapter 8 is presented in kārikā form. There are 200 sūtras and 12 kārikās in this text. The first chapter explains the general introduction to Sanskrit prosody in 9 sūtras, and the second and third chapters discuss Vedic metres in 6 and 33 sūtras respectively. The fourth chapter elaborates the mātrā (āryā type) metres in 32 sūtras and the fifth chapter consists of 37 sūtras illustrating both viṣama (1-26 sūtras) and ardhasama (27-37 sūtras) metres. Chapters six and seven describe the samavṛttas in 46 and 37 sūtras respectively. The last i.e. the eighth chapter discusses six types of pratyayas (named as vṛtta).

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Chandas (छन्दस्) refers to Sanskrit prosody and represents one of the six Vedangas (auxiliary disciplines belonging to the study of the Vedas). The science of prosody (chandas-shastra) focusses on the study of the poetic meters such as the commonly known twenty-six metres mentioned by Pingalas.

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