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jathaṇēṃ (जथणें).—v c (yūtha S) To collect or scrape together; to make up by numerous expedients (a sum of money): to put together; to construct superficially (a building): to lay in train; to get up; to set on foot or in operation (a marriage, a business, a shop). Ex. mī yuktiprayuktīnēṃ hajāra rupayē jathalē hōtē tē cōrānēṃ nēlē; caughāṅkaḍūna cāra vāṃsakaṭyā mēḷavūna āṇūna ēkadāñca ghara jathalēṃ; dhōṇḍyāvara dhōṇḍē ghālūna lagna jathalēṃ; miḷavāmiḷava karūna saṃsāra jathalā. 2 To compile or make up (a book).

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

jathaṇēṃ (जथणें).—v t Collect or scrape together; put together; to get up; to get on foot or in operation (a marriage, a busi- ness, a shop). Ex. mīṃ yutिkaprayutkīnē hajāra rupayē jathalē hōtē tē cōrānnīṃ nēlē; dhōṇḍyāvara dhōṇḍē ghā- lūna lagna jathalē; miḷavāmiḷava karuna saṃsāra jathalā

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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jatīmatī (जतीमती).—f Confederation, com- bination, common counsel or consent, responsibility of...
jathaviṇēṃ (जथविणें).—v t Amass; bring about.
jathājatha (जथाजथ) [-pata-patha, -पत-पथ].—f Scraping together; bringing together.
ēkajatīēkamatī (एकजतीएकमती).—f Full unanimity. ad With one consent.

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