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The Sanskrit term Īśānadevī can be transliterated into English as Isanadevi or Ishanadevi, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Itihasa (narrative history)

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Īśānadevī (ईशानदेवी).—Īśānadevī placed circles of mothers at the entry points to Kashmir. They are probably not tantric, although Stein identifies them with the tantric devīcakra mentioned in 1.333, also referred to as mātṛcakra in 1.335. (Cf. also mātṛcakra in 1.348, 3.99, 5.55.) (See Rājataraṅgiṇī verse 1.122)

Source: Tantric elements in Kalhaṇa’s Rājataraṅgiṇī
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Itihasa (इतिहास, itihāsa) refers to ‘epic history’ and represents a branch of Sanskrit literature which popularly includes 1) the eighteen major Puranas, 2) the Mahabharata and 3) the Ramayana. It is a branch of Vedic Hinduism categorised as smriti literature (‘that which is remembered’) as opposed to shruti literature (‘that which is transmitted verbally’).

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