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hōṇēṃ (होणें).—v i ( H) To be; to hold or to derive some certain state, condition, quality, or accident. 2 To become; to enter into some state or condition, or to obtain some quality or affection by change from some other. 3 To come to pass; to take place; to take a standing; to be. 4 To be finished or ended; also to be consumed or exhausted; to be done, gone, past, over, out; also to be finished or done for; to be knocked up; to be clean broken down. These senses are found only in the past and future tenses. hōūna jāṇēṃ To pass or go near or by. 2 To pass away; to cease, fail, lapse. Of this form hōūna there is an idiomatic use of constant occurrence; as mī hōūna, tū hōūna, tō hōūna, āmhī -tumhī -tē -āpaṇa -hōūna I being, thou being &c., i. e. in one's own proper person or of one's own will or accord. See hōūna in its order. hōtī navhatī titakī kēlī Abused well, scolded finely &c. hōṇēṃ has the power of Verb inceptive and continuative; as yētē, vhā, dētē vhā, jēvatē vhā, karatē vhā Get on with the action you are meditating; begin and go through with it. The familiar (to readers of Prakrit poetry) bōlatā jhālā, sāṅgatā jhālā, dētā jhālā comes under this head. hōṇēṃ thus answers to the Hindustani

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

hōṇēṃ (होणें).—v i Become; be. Come to pass. Be finished; be done. hōuna jāṇēṃ Pass or go near or by. hōtī navhatī titakī kēlī Abused well, scolded finely, &c. hōtā kīṃ navhatā karaṇēṃ To destroy completely.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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Khunta Honem
khuṇṭa hōṇēṃ (खुंट होणें).—(To be a stump or stake.) To sit in sulky silence and stillness. khu...
nakō-nakō-hōṇēṃ (नको-नको-होणें).—ad A particle of prohibition-No! don't! forbear! nakō nakō hōṇ...
tiḷapāpaḍa-hōṇēṃ (तिळपापड-होणें).—To become violently enraged.
Gata Honem
gata hōṇēṃ (गत होणें).—To elapse or pass by--time. 2 To be departed (from this world).
nāhīṃsā-hōṇēṃ (नाहींसा-होणें).—To be as not; to be lost, destroyed.
kāṇṭyācā-nāyaṭā-hōṇēṃ (कांट्याचा-नायटा-होणें).—Great mischief done apparently by a very triflin...
Karota Honem
karōṭa hōṇēṃ (करोट होणें).—g. of s. (A vulgar phrase from kāraṭa) To die, i.e. to become the su...
Ekara Janem-Honem
ēkāra jāṇēṃ-hōṇēṃ (एकार जाणें-होणें).—a beast: to topple forward or lie over more gen. ē0 basaṇ...
Bhayambhayam Honem
bhayāmbhayāṃ hōṇēṃ (भयांभयां होणें).—To be in the uttermost destitution and hopelessness.
kēḍyāsa-kāpūra-hōṇēṃ (केड्यास-कापूर-होणें).—Said when a precious commodity sells at a mean pric...
ōmphasa-hōṇēṃ (ओंफस-होणें).—To be balked (in one's desire), to be baffled (in one's effort).
Campata Honem
campata hōṇēṃ (चंपत होणें).—A Hindustani phrase, . To disappear suddenly; to vanish: also to st...
Kha0 Barabara Honem
khā0 barābara hōṇēṃ (खा0 बराबर होणें).—g. of s. To have one's winnings and losses, profits and ...
Mri0 Honem
mṛ0 hōṇēṃ (मृ0 होणें).—g. of s. To be reduced to dust; to be destroyed, spoiled, consumed, spen...
Aṅga (अङ्ग).—(1) member, part (as in Sanskrit and Pali, where it is recorded as nt. only), m. ...

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