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Theravada (major branch of Buddhism)

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going into pabbajjā (q.v.). Cf. Progress of the disciple.

Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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Siddhārtha (सिद्धार्थ) is the son of one of the ministers of king Candraprabha, appointed to hi...
Paṇḍita (पण्डित).—a. [paṇḍā tārakā° itac ]1) Learned, wise; स्वस्थे को वा न पण्डितः (svasthe ko...
Agara.—(EI 19), a corrupt form of agrahāra, often noticed in Tamil inscriptions. Note: agara is...
nirālaya (निरालय).—a Imperishable.
Vadhuka Sutta
Vadhukā, (f.) (fr. vadhū) a daughter-in-law, a young wife A. II, 78; DhA. III, 260. (Page 600)
Asvakaga (अस्वकग).—a. Ved. not going to one's home, homeless; अवास्तुमेनमस्वगमप्रजसं करोति (avā...
Ekadhitu Sutta
A devout lay sister should admonish her only daughter to be like Khujjuttara or Velukantakiya N...
Ghotamukha Sutta
Records a conversation between Udena Thera and Ghotamukha at Khemiyambavana, after the Buddha...
Kulaputta Sutta
Clansmen who go forth into homelessness do so in order to gain full comprehension of the Four N...
Subhuti Sutta
Subhuti Thera visits the Buddha with a companion, and the Buddha asks him who his companion i...
Asvikaga (अस्विकग).—a. Ved. not going to one's home, homeless; अवास्तुमेनमस्वगमप्रजसं करोति (av...
Ummi Sutta
Four perils have to be faced by those who go down into the water: waves, sharks, whirlpools and...
anagāriya : (nt.) homelessness.
Asvakīyaga (अस्वकीयग).—a. Ved. not going to one's home, homeless; अवास्तुमेनमस्वगमप्रजसं करोति ...

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