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Haṃsamiṭṭhu (born 1738 ad) is the author of the Haṃsavilāsa, a Sanskrit work on Śākta ritual.

Source: Wisdom Library: Hinduism

Haṃsamiṭṭhu, a name metaphorically combining the two identities of Haṃsa and Miṭṭhu. Haṃsa, we learn, is a pre-Miṭṭhu identity who incarnates as Miṭṭhu and subsequently awakens to a new composite identity called Haṃsamiṭṭhu emerging halway through the frame story (of the Haṃsavilāsa). His wife Bhūlī partakes of a similar dual identity as Haṃsī.

Source: Springer: Haṃsamiṭṭhu: “Pātañjalayoga is Nonsense”

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