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haḷadīcā gābhā (हळदीचा गाभा).—m (The interior of peeled turmeric. ) A laudatory term for a complexion of exceeding fairness (i. e. of delicate sallowness).

(Source): DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Gabha (गभ).—Ved.1) A slit, cleft.2) The vulva.Derivable forms: gabhaḥ (गभः).
gābha-sāṇḍaṇēṃ (गाभ-सांडणें).—v i To drop the womb, or to bring forth an abortion.
haḷadīcā-gābhā (हळदीचा-गाभा).—m A complexion of exceeding fairness.
haḷada (हळद).—f Turmeric-the plant or the root. haḷada lāgaṇēṃ Be undergoing the rite of marria...
gābhaṇēṃ (गाभणें).—v i Be big with young. n Fig. An undisclosed matter, an affair yet big.
gābhūḷa (गाभूळ).—a Pulpous; rather plump and fleshy fruit approaching to ripe- ness.
gābhāra (गाभार) [-rā, -रा].—m The inmost division of a temple, the adytum or sanctuary.
gābhīṇa (गाभीण).—a Big with young. Applied to animals.
gābhaṇa (गाभण) [or णा, ṇā].—a (gābha) Big with young. Applied to animals gen., but not to the m...
gābhaṭaṇēṃ (गाभटणें) [-ḍaṇēṃ, -डणें].—i Drop the womb, also bring forth an abortion.
gābhuḷaṇēṃ (गाभुळणें) [or gābhōḷaṇēṃ, or गाभोळणें].—v i To be approach- ing to pulpiness and ri...
gābhaḍā (गाभडा).—a (gābha) Full-formed, pulpy, fleshy, ready to be gathered and ripened;--used ...
gābhōḷī (गाभोळी).—f (gābha) A filled head or ear of jōndhaḷā or other corn.
gābhuḍaṇēṃ (गाभुडणें).—v i (gābha) To drop the womb: also to bring forth an abortion.
gābhuṭaṇēṃ (गाभुटणें).—v i (gābha) To drop the womb: also to bring forth an abortion.

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