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The Sanskrit term Halabhṛti can be transliterated into English as Halabhrti or Halabhriti, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Halabhṛti (हलभृति).—f. ploughing, agriculture, husbandry.

Derivable forms: halabhṛtiḥ (हलभृतिः).

Halabhṛti is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms hala and bhṛti (भृति). See also (synonyms): halabhūti.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Hala.—(IE 8-6), literally ‘a plough’; a free-holding (cf. bhikṣu-hala); an area of land, which ...
Halāyudha (हलायुध).—m. (-dhaḥ) A name of Balarama. E. hala a plough, āyudha a weapon.
Haladhara (हलधर).—A synonym of Balarāma. (See under Balabhadrarāma).
Bhṛti (भृति).—f. [bhṛ-ktin] 1) Bearing, upholding, supporting. 2) Cherishing, maintaining...
Bhṛtyadhyāpana (भृत्यध्यापन).—n. (-naṃ) Teaching, (especially the Vedas,) for hire. E. bhṛti, a...
Halabhūti (हलभूति).—f. (-tiḥ) Agriculture.
Hala Apada
hala apadā (हल अपदा).—or -āpadā & hala apēṣṭā Preferably hāla apadā &c.
Devabhoga-hala.—(EI 7, 8, 15, 24), rent-free land in the possession of temples. Note: devabhoga...
Hala-kalita.—‘cultivated [land]’ (Ep. Ind., Vol. XV, p. 297, text line 25). Note: hala-kalita i...
Halahati (हलहति).—f. 1) striking or drawing along with a plough. 2) ploughing.Halahati is a San...
Halāsana (हलासन, “plow posture”) is a Sanskrit word referring to a type of posture (āsana) u...
Halamukha (हलमुख).—a ploughshare, Derivable forms: halamukham (हलमुखम्).Halamukha is a Sanskrit...
Halabhṛt (हलभृत्).—m. 1) a ploughman. 2) Name of Balarāma; केशव धृतहलधररूप जय जगदीश हरे (keśava...
Halasīra (हलसीर).—a ploughshare. Derivable forms: halasīraḥ (हलसीरः).Halasīra is a Sanskrit com...
Sudhābhṛti (सुधाभृति).—1) the moon. 2) camphor. 3) a sacrifice, an oblation. Derivable forms: s...

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