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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Edgerton Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary

Goṇikā (गोणिका).—(also spelled gonikā, Sukhāvatīvyūha 67.6; compare Pali goṇaka, also gonaka, woolen cover with long fleece [Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary]; Sanskrit goṇī = carmamayam āchādanam, Schmidt, Nachtr.; Gaṇapati Sastri uses śayyāstaraṇa-goṇikādiḥ as a gloss on parivāpaḥ Kauṭ. Arth. i, 12th prakaraṇa, line 3), coverlet, blanket: Saddharmapuṇḍarīka 75.7 (gorathakān…) tūlikā-goṇikā- staraṇān; Mahāvastu ii.115.16 (paryaṅkā, read °kāṃ, °kān, or °kāni, mss. °kaṃ…) ṣoḍaśa-goṇikāstṛtāṃ; iii.70.1 paryaṅ- kāni…ṣoḍaśagoṇikāstaraṇāni (Senart em. lomaśa- for ṣoḍaśa, which is confirmed by prec.; mss. °śoṇikā°); Aṣṭasāhasrikā-prajñāpāramitā 488.20 (āsanaṃ…) goṇikāstīrṇaṃ; Karmavibhaṅga (and Karmavibhaṅgopadeśa) 22.5 goṇi- kāstṛte paryaṅke niṣaṇṇam; Sukhāvatīvyūha 67.6 paryaṅkaḥ… anekagonikāstīrṇas; Śikṣāsamuccaya 208.11 -goṇikāstaraṇa-.

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Gonikā (गोनिका).—q.v.

Gonikā can also be spelled as Goṇikā (गोणिका).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

1) Goṇikā (गोणिका):—[from goṇa] f. (in Pāli goṇaka) a kind of woollen cloth, [Saddharma-puṇḍarīka iii.]

2) [v.s. ...] Name of the mother of Patañjali, [Indian Wisdom, by Sir M. Monier-Williams 167].

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