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Source: What is India: Epigraphia Indica volume XXXI (1955-56)

Giṇṭi is the name of a locality situated in Koṇḍaguḍi, according to the “Grants from Galavalli” (893 A.D.). As indicated above, the endorsement engraved on the first side of the first plate consists of two stanzas. The first of these, which has been repeated, says that the illustrious Devendravarman, lord of Kaliṅga, received blessings from the god Śiva and that he granted two localities called Yegū or Egu and Mahanta, collectively known as Giṇṭi and situated in Koṇḍaguḍi, in favour of Yogātman.

These plates (mentioning Giṇṭi) were dug up from the fields of a village in the Bobbili Taluk of the Srikakulam District, Andhra. It records the grant of three villages and is dated Gaṅga year 397 (of the Gāṅgeya dynasty), corresponding to 893-95 A.D. The grant was made in favour of the deity Kauṇḍuka-Guṇḍeśvara.

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Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

Ginti in Hindi refers in English to:—(nf) counting; calculation; reckoning; number; —[ke] counted few; —[mem ana] to be of some significance or worth; —[mem hona] to be recognised, to be reckoned with, to be significant; —[hona] to be reckoned..—ginti (गिनती) is alternatively transliterated as Ginatī.

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