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Source: The Chronological History of Tibetan Buddhism

Garab Dorje, the first human teacher of Dzogchen in Tibet (1321-1221 BCE).—Garab Dorje was the founder of ancient Tibetan Buddhism. Most probably, he was the first who taught Buddhism to his Tibetan students. According to Mahayana Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Samantabhadra or Padmasambhava (the second Buddha) and Manjusri were the divine trinity of Bodhisattvas. This is the reason why Tibetans say that Garab Dorje was the first human teacher.

Garab Dorje was known as Prahevajra, Praharshavajra or Pramodavajra in Sanskrit. According to Tibetan sources, Garab Dorje was born in the region of Dhanakosha in the country of Uddiyana. Kudharma, the daughter of King Uparaja, became Bikshuni but she became pregnant after seeing a divine dream. Thus, Nirmanakaya Buddha incarnated as Garab Dorje. He became a great Buddhist scholar and came to be known as Acharya Vetalakhema.

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