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Gambhira, aka: Gambhīra; 4 Definition(s)

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Gambhīra (गम्भीर):—Son of Rabhasa  (son of Rābha). He had a son who was called Akriya. (see Bhāgavata Purāṇa 9.17.10)

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Gambhīra, (adj.) (Vedic gambhīra & gabhīra) deep, profound, unfathomable, well founded, hard to perceive, difficult.—(a) lit. of lakes: Dh.83; Pv.II, 119 (=agādha); Pug.46; of a road (full of swamps) J.I, 196.—(b) fig. of knowledge & wisdom: dhammo g. duddaso ... M.I, 487; S.I, 136; Tathāgato g. appameyyo duppariyogāho M.I, 487; parisā g. (opp. uttāna, shallow, superficial, thoughtless) A.I, 70; g. ṭhāna w. ref. jhāna, etc. Ps.II, 21; saddhamma g. Sdhp. 530; g. gūḷha nipuṇa Nd 342; lokanātho nipuṇo g. PvA.1; also w. nipuṇa J.VI, 355; Miln.234; Bdhd. 118, 137;— (nt.) the deep; deep ground, i.e. secure foundation Sn.173; Kh VIII, 1, 3 (see KhA 217).

—avabhāsa (adj.) having the appearance of depth or profundity, D.II, 55; S.II, 36; Pug.46 (+uttāna), cp. Pug.A 226; —pañña one whose wisdom is profound Sn.176, 230; 627=Dh.403 (+medhāvin) cp. DhA.IV, 169 & see Ps.II, 192 for detailed explanation; —sita resting on depth (of soil), well-founded A.IV, 237. (Page 245)

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gambhīra : (adj.) deep; profound; hard to perceive. (nt.), depth.

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1) A seaport village, visited by Mittavindaka in the course of his flight from Benares. J.i.239.

2) A channel branching off from the Parakkama Samudda. It started at the point of the flood escape known as Makara. Cv.lxxix.40.

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