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the 4: gantha.

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Four Noble Truths
Four noble truths (Skt., ārya-satya; Pali, ariya-satta); these are the basis of the Buddhist...
1a) Brahmā (ब्रह्मा).—Pitāmaha, (Lokapitāmaha)—appeared on the lotus from the na...
The four yugas are calculated in terms of the heavenly calendars and accordingly are twelve ...
Four Fruition
Also called the "Four Fruits", the "Four Rewards", or the "Four Phala&...
Four Virtues
The four Nirvana virtues: (1) Eternity or permanence (2) Joy (3) Personality (4) Purity ...
Four Marks
A mark is a notion of form. In Diamond Sutra, it states that people attach to the Four Marks wh...
Four Stains
There are these four stains because of which samanas and brahmans glow not, shine not, blaze no...
Four Phala
See Four Fruition.
Four Reliances
The four standards of Right Dharma which buddhist should rely on or abide by: 1. to abide by...
Four Ways
Four Ways of learning Buddhist Dharma: (1) Belief/faith (2) Interpretation/discernment (3)...
Twenty-four Heads
The twenty-four Heads following are mentioned elsewhere, by Bharatācārya and others: ...
Four Fearlessness
There are four kinds of fearlessness, of which there are two groups: 1. Buddhas fearlessness...
Four Seals
They are: 1. All phenomena are impermanent. 2. All Dharma are not self. 3. The eternity is...
Four Bonds
the 4: yoga.
Four Floods
the 4: ogha, are identical with the 4 cankers (āsava).

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