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See Three Realms.Source: Buddhist Door: Glossary

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Rūpa (रूप, “colour”) or Rūpaguṇa refers to one of the twenty-four guṇas (qualities) accord...
Three Realms
Sanskrit word is Triloka. It is Buddhist metaphysical equivalence for the triple world of earth...
Avatamsaka Realm
When we walk in the Avatamsaka realm, breathing in the Buddha, breathing out the Buddha, wal...
Dharma Realm
Throughout the oceans of worlds in the ten directions exhausting the Dharma realm (cosmos) a...
Human Realm
cf. loka, gati.
Demons Realm
asura-nikāya; s. apāya.
Formlessness Realm
See Three Realms.
Eleven Form Components
Eleven Form Components:—A technical term in Buddhism corresponding to the Sanskrit rū...
Twenty Form Objects
Twenty Form Objects:—A technical term in Buddhism corresponding to the Sanskrit rūpa ...
Sensuous Desire Realm
See Three Realms.
Kāla refers to “time-measure” (past, present, and future) and is related to the tradition of Kū...
1) Cakra (चक्र) or Cakraparvata is the name of a mountain situated on the island Nārikela, as m...
Bhāva (भाव) refers to “feelings expressed in forms” and represents one of the six limbs (ṣaḍaṅg...
Brāhma (ब्राह्म) or Brāhmāgama refers to one of upāgamas (supplementary scriptures) of the Aṃśu...
Rasa (sentiment) or Navarasa is defined in the the first book of the Pañcamarapu (‘five-fold tr...

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