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Source: Tipitaka Studies Outside Myanmar

The first Buddhist council.—The Teachings of the Buddha were verbally rehearsed during the First Buddhist Council and all the subsequent texts are supposed to be in line with it. All scriptures of Theravada Buddhism which are universally accepted as valuable and worthy of study, are in the Paji language, the language most probably spoken by the Buddha Flimself. The original script of the language did not survive and therefore each Buddhist country has applied its own writing system to the textual form of the language.

Source: WikiPedia: Buddhism

According to the scriptures of all Buddhist schools, the first Buddhist Council was held soon after the parinirvana of the Buddha, dated by the majority of recent scholars around 400 BCE, under the patronage of king Ajatasatru with the monk Mahakasyapa presiding, at Rajagaha (now Rajgir). Its objective was to preserve the Buddhas sayings (suttas) and the monastic discipline or rules (Vinaya). The Suttas were recited by Ananda, and the Vinaya was recited by Upali. According to some sources, the Abhidhamma Pitaka, or its matika, was also included. Also the Sangha made the unanimous decision to keep all the rules of the Vinaya, even the lesser and minor rules.

Source: The Chronological History of Buddhism

The first Buddhist council was held in 1865 BC at Saptaparni caves of Rajagriha immediately after the Mahaparinirvana of Buddha during the reign of King Ajatashatru. Mahakashyapa, Ananda, Upali, Mahakatyayana, Shariputra or Upatishya, Mahamaudgalyayana, Subhuti etc. were the direct disciples of Buddha. Mahakashyapa presided over the first council. Sutta-Pitaka and Vinaya-Pitaka were compiled in this council. Ananda recited Suttapitaka and Upali recited Vinayapitaka.

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