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Source: Shodhganga: The significance of the mūla-beras (history)

Eṭṭutokai is an important work of Saṅgam (Caṅkam) literature and represents eight anthologies of the Caṅkam period.—Saṅgam (Caṅkam) literature is aptly regarded as the crown of Tamil literature. Caṅkam (Saṅgam) literature (viz., Eṭṭutokai) brings out the details regarding the land, the area, the dressing of kuṟavai-kūttu (a dance form danced in a circle by the women of the hill tracts). The ancient works, Pattupāṭṭu (a collection of ten ancient Tamil poems) and Eṭṭutokai (the eight anthologies of the Caṅkam period) give details about the art of dance in the Caṅkam period.

Eṭṭutokai comprises the:

  1. Naṟṟiṇai (a text on musicology),
  2. Kuṟuntokai (an anthology of 402 Tamil stanzas),
  3. Aiṅkuṟunūṟu (an anthology of love lyrics),
  4. Kalittokai (an anthology of 150 stanzas in kali metre describing the erotic emotions and five tracts of land),
  5. Akanānūṟu (an anthology of 400 love lyrics belonged to the 3rd or the 2nd century BC).
  6. Puṟanānūṟu (an anthology on the external world),
  7. Patiṟṟuppattu (an anthology of ten sections, each of them in praise of a Chera king),
  8. Paripāṭal (an anthology of 70 stanzas of songs).
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