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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Edgerton Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary

Eḍakarajas (एडकरजस्).—(= avi-rajas, q.v.), lit. sheep-speck, a small unit of matter; like avi-rajas Mahāvyutpatti 8195, it occurs Lalitavistara 149.6 and Divyāvadāna 645.11 in tabular lists of very small weights or measures; in all three, seven śaśa-rajāṃsi (q.v.) make one eḍaka-(avi-)r° and seven of these make one go-rajas (q.v.). Acc. to St. Julien, cited by Weber ISt. 8.436 note, the meaning is said by Hiuen Ts'ang and a Chin. translation(s) of Lalitavistara to be a grain of dust on the hide of a hare (sheep, beeve). But Tibetan on both Mahāvyutpatti and Lalitavistara says simply hare- (sheep-, cow-) speck (rdul); to be sure, [Tibetan-English Dictionary] s.v. rdul declares that glaṅ rdul means a mote in the dung of an ox, a small particle of cowdung. But this, as well as the different guess from Chin., can hardly be anything but implausible guesswork. Why should a speck on the skin, or in the dung, of an animal vary with the size of the animal? The Tibetan itself gives no such indication. It seems safe to assume that hare-speck, sheep-speck, and cow-speck mean only three different sizes of small par- ticles.

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