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Dvimūḍhaka, aka: Dvi-mudhaka; 1 Definition(s)

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Dvimūḍhaka (द्विमूढक).—One of the ten type of lāsyāṅga, or ‘elements of the gentle dance’;—In it there is striking sense, endowed with states and sentiments properly connected, having (the tāla components) mukha and pratimukha, with steps in the caturasra. Abhinava says that what is described in it is the confusion of the two, the hero and the heroine or the two heroines. There is stepping around in conformity with tāla, which repeats four times as there are four feet in the composition. Mukha and pratimukha are to be understood as the particular tāla components. In it, there is the stepping in four directions after performing the caturasra of the limbs.

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