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ḍhasaḍhasa (ढसढस) [or सां, sāṃ].—ad Imit. of the sound in gulping eagerly and largely; also of crying copiously.

--- OR ---

ḍhasāḍhasa (ढसाढस).—ad Imit. of the sound in gulping eagerly and largely; also of crying copiously.

--- OR ---

dhasadhasa (धसधस) [or सां, sāṃ].—ad (Imit.) With violent heaving and beating. Ex. kāḷīja dha0 karatēṃ or uḍatēṃ or jīva dha0 karatō or ūra uḍatō. 2 Imit. of violent slashing or cutting, or of tearing, rending, ripping, bursting, snapping &c.

--- OR ---

dhasadhasa (धसधस).—f (Imit.) Palpitation; as jivācī or urācī dhasadhasa. 2 By metonymy of cause for effect. Alarm or apprehension; as malā tyā vāṭēnēṃ jāyālā dha0 vāṭatī.

--- OR ---

dhasādhasa (धसाधस) [or सा, sā].—ad Imit. of the sound of cutting, slashing, hacking, rending, tearing. 2 (with jīva or kāḷīja karaṇēṃ-uḍaṇēṃ) Expressive of violent palpitation, pit-a-pat: also (with raḍaṇēṃ) of convulsive heaving: (with cālaṇēṃ-nisaraṇēṃ &c.) of noisy slipping. dhasādhasa is the intensive form of dhasadhasa.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

ḍhasaḍhasa (ढसढस) [or sāṃ, or सां].—

--- OR ---

ḍhasāḍhasa (ढसाढस).—

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dhasadhasa (धसधस) [or sāṃ, or सां].—ad With violent heaving and beating.

--- OR ---

dhasadhasa (धसधस).—f Palpitation; alarm or apprehension.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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