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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

dharaṇēṃ (धरणें).—v c (dharaṇa or dhṛ S) To have in the hand; to hold, grasp, gripe, clutch. Ex. tō hātīṃ kāṭhī dharūna ubhā rāhilā. 2 To keep, retain, hold fast, lit. fig. Ex. pānēṃ vāṛyānēṃ uḍatīla mhaṇūna pāyākhālīṃ dharalīṃ āhēta; hā sarvāñcā hitōpadēśa manānta dharatō. In this sense, the verb is also intransitive. Ex. malā pāṭha hōtēṃ paṇa dharata nāhīṃ. 3 To catch, seize, apprehend; to lay hold on, lit. fig. Pr. dharīna tara ḍasēla sōḍīna tara paḷēla Used where there is a perplexing choice of dangers or difficulties. Somewhat answering to Auribus teneo lupum. 4 To conceive in the mind; to form; to take up. Ex. tū manānta jō aṅka dharasīla tō mī sāṅgatō. 5 To turn to, take to, enter upon (a course or work). Ex. tyānēṃ sāmprata prātaḥsnāna dharalēṃ āhē. 6 To hold, account, reckon, regard, view. 7 To apply, put to, keep at. Ex. hā baila rāhaṭākhālīṃ dharā mhaṇajē cāṅgalā hōīla. 8 To take, form, conceive (a fancy, a fondness). 9 To occupy or take possession of (a place, a piece of ground). 10 To mind, heed, regard, take concern about. Ex. hā śivyā dētō hēṃ tumhī dharūṃ nakā. 11 To assume, take up, form one's self into (an attitude, a position, a figure or an appearance). 12 To make or use (speed, delay). Ex. tvarā dharalī, uśīra dharalā. 13 To acquire, receive, obtain (strength, spirits &c.): to take (offence, fright &c.): to espouse (a cause): to entertain (an opinion). 14 To find out or detect (a theft &c). 15 To hold amongst; to include. Ex. tyā pannā- sāmmadhyēṃ hā dharalā kīṃ? 16 To take up to observe; to hold or keep (a fast, a rite): also to hold as the performer or conductor of (gōndhaḷa, kathā, tamā- śā, anuṣṭhāna). 17 To take into one's affections or liking. Ex. āī mulāsa, gāya vāsarāsa, navarā navarīsa dharatī or dharata nāhīṃ. dharūna basaṇēṃ To hold pertinaciously (a sentiment, resolution, demand). dharūna sōḍūna (Taking and dropping.) Irresolutely; in a wavering or vacillating manner--designing or acting: vaguely or indeterminately--speaking. 2 dharūna sōḍūna vāgaṇēṃ To walk discreetly; sometimes yielding, sometimes resisting. Ex. kapaṭī puruṣābarōbara dharūna sōḍūna vāgā- vēṃ lāgatēṃ.

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dharaṇēṃ (धरणें).—v i (dhṛ S) To sit upon; to stick or adhere to. Ex. tyā bhintīsa gilāvā dharata nāhīṃ. 2 To come; to be borne or produced--blossoms, fruit: also to take place; to arise or be formed. Ex. yandā āmbē puṣkaḷa dharalē; bhintīvara khapalē dharalē. 3 To bear fruit. Ex. samudratīracē māḍa bahuta dharatāta: also to conceive and bear--a female animal. 4 To be caught, seized, affected by. Ex. mājhē hātapāya vāyūnēṃ dharatāta; gāṃvōgāṃva gurēṃ dharalīṃ. 5 To engage the mind and remain in remembrance. Ex. tumhī gōṣṭa sāṅgitalī parantu malā dharalī nāhīṃ. 6 To be fixed upon; to be settled or appointed for or unto. Ex. brāhmaṇāsa snāna dharalēṃ āhē; jvarāsa laṅghana pittāsa anya upacāra dharalā āhē. 7 To be warded off; to be held back--rain, cold &c. by a covering. Ex. ghōṅgaḍīnēṃ pāūsa dharata nāhīṃ āṇi pāsōḍīnēṃ thaṇḍī dharata nāhīṃ.

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dharaṇēṃ (धरणें).—n An armed party sent to seize an offender; a posse comitatus. 2 The sitting in restraint at the door of a debtor by the creditor or his agent (to enforce the payment of his dues): also such dogged sitting and fasting at the door of a temple (to extort favors from the idol). v basa.

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dhārāṇēṃ (धाराणें).—n An aperture (in the roof or wall) as a smoke-vent &c.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

dharaṇēṃ (धरणें).—v t To have in the hand; to hold/ grasp, to keep, retain. To take to, to regard, view; to apply, put to, occupy or take possession of (a place, a piece of ground). To find out or detect; to include. dharūna basaṇēṃ To hold pertinacious- ly (a sentiment, resolution, demand).

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dharaṇēṃ (धरणें).—v i To stick or adhere to. Ex. tyā bhintīsa gilāvā dharata nāhī. To bear fruit To be caught, affected by. Ex. mājhē hāta- pāya vāyūnēṃ dharatāta; gāṃvōgāṃva gurēṃ dharalīṃ. To be appointed for. Ex. brāhmaṇāsa snnāna dharalē āhē; jvarāsa laṅghana; pittāsa anya upacāra dharalā āhē; to be warded off.

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