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Dhanurvedaprakarana, aka: Dhanurveda-prakarana, Dhanurvedaprakaraṇa; 1 Definition(s)


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In Hinduism

Dhanurveda (science of warfare)

Dhanurvedaprakaraṇa (धनुर्वेदप्रकरण) (Vīreśvarīyam) is the name of a Sanskrit work (printed in Śārṅgadharapaddhati) on the subject of Dhanurveda (theory of warfare) written by Vikramāditya. The manuscripts belongs to Darbar Library, Nepal, No. 2(82). It was mentioned by Sri E.D. Kulkarni in his article “The Dhanurveda and its contribution to lexicography” (Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute Vol. 3, 1952).

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Dhanurveda (धनुर्वेद) refers to the “knowledge of warfare” and, as an upaveda, is associated with the Ṛgveda. It contains instructions on warfare, archery and ancient Indian martial arts, dating back to the 2nd-3rd millennium BCE.

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