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Source: academia.edu: The Chronological History of Ancient Sri Lanka

There were three Dhammakittis in the history of Sri Lanka.

1) Dhammakitti I was the contemporary of Prakramabahu I the Great (75-42 BCE). The 78 th chapter of Chulavamsa states that Thera Dhammakitti visited the royal court of Ramanna Desa (Burma) as one of the envoys of King Parakramabahu I. He was the author of Dathavamsa, a poetry in five saggas written in Magadhi Prakrit.

2) Dhammakitti II.—The 84 th chapter of Chulavamsa mentions that Parakramabahu II (59-92 CE) invited a Grand Thera named Dhammakitti II from Tambarattha to Sri Lanka. A Simhalese tradition also refers to the arrival of a Burmese monk named Dhammakitti II during the reign of Parakramabahu II.

3) Dhammakitti III.—Nikayasangraha informs us that a Buddhist Council was held under the leadership of Dhammakitti III in the year 1939 of Buddha varsha i.e. 174 CE. Thus, Dhammakitti III must be dated around 110-180 CE. In all probability, Dhamakitti III wrote the first part of Chulavamsa up to the reign of Bhuvanaikabahu IV (up to the 90 th Chapter) around 150-160 CE.

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