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As Ahana, she (Ushas) plays the part as well as bears the name of Athene and of Daphne. The word expresses the idea of burning light; and although it occurs only once in the Rig Veda, the flexibility of the old mythology justifies us in attributing tc Ahana all that is told us of Ushas or of Sarama. Daphne too is loved by Phoibos, and, like Ahana, she flies from his face until she takes refuge in the Peneian stream.

(Source): The Mythology Of The Aryan Nations: Dawn Goddesses

In the story of Daphne, a name derived from Dahana, the Sanskrit dawn, we find another version of the same story, where the sun, although enamored with the dawn, causes her death. As some mythologists have interpreted it, Daphne is a personification of the morning dew, which vanishes beneath the sun’s hot breath, and leaves no trace of its passage except in the luxuriant verdure.

(Source): Myths of Greece and Rome: Analysis of Myths

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