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Source: What is India: Epigraphia Indica volume XXXI (1955-56)

Dānārṇava is mentioned in the  “Māṅgallu grant of Amma II” (c. 945 A.D.).  Amma’s half-brother, Dānārṇava obtained the country from Vallabha, i.e. Kṛṣṇa III, and ruled the kingdom according to Manu’s principles. It does not say how Dānārṇava acquired the kingdom from the Rāṣṭrakūṭa ruler. But from the fact that Dānārṇava carried on the administration and made the present grant in the name of his brother, it is obvious that he was not a rival to the latter

 It is difficult to say how long Dānārṇava administered the kingdom for the sake of his brother, and when the latter resumed his direct rule. All the records of the dynasty agree that Amma’s rule lasted for 25 years and therefore he died in 970 A.D. Dānārṇava obviously succeeded him then as the sole sovereign and ruled for three years (970-73 A.D.).

These copper plates (mentioning Dānārṇava) were dug up somewhere in the Nandigama Taluk, Krishna District. It records the gift, at the instance of a feudatory chief named Kākatya Guṇḍyana, of the village of Māṅgallu in favour of a Brāhmaṇa named Dommana.

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