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Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

1) Ḍāṃṭa (डांट):—(nf) scolding, reprimand, sharp rebuke; -[ḍapaṭa] rebuke and reproof; —[paḍanā] to get a rebuke/reprimand; to call/haul over the coals; -[phaṭakāra] rebuke and reprimand; —[pilānā/lagānā] ([bujurgānā]) to talk to one like a Dutch uncle; —[meṃ rakhanā] to keep under control.

2) Daṃta (दंत) [Also spelled dant]:—(nm) a tooth; ~[kathā] a legend; tradition; an anecdote; ~[kṣata] dental marks (as might appear on cheeks, lips, etc. in the wake of amorous sport, sexual indulgence; ~[cikitsaka] a dentist; dental surgeon; -[cikitsā] dentistry; treatment of dental ailments; ~[mūla] a fang, root of the tooth; ~[mūlīya] (sounds) uttered from the root of the teeth; ~[hīna] edentate.

3) Dāṃta (दांत) [Also spelled dant]:—(nm) a tooth; —[kāṭī roṭī] intimate friendship, close relationship; —[kāḍhanā] to whine; to crinch; —[kicakicānā/kaṭakaṭānā/kiṭakiṭānā] to grind the teeth (through cold, wrath, etc.); —[kirakire honā] to accept defeat; —[khaṭṭe karanā] to make one lick the dust, to set the teeth on edge; to force the enemy into a tight corner; —[gāḍanā] to fix a covetous eye on something; —[jhāḍanā] to knock out the teeth; -[toḍanā] lit. to knock off the teeth —to humble, to deprive of the sting; to render powerless; —[dikhānā] see —[niporanā; —niporanā] to whine, to crinch; to show meekness/humbleness; —[pīsanā] to gnash the teeth (in anger etc.), to be in a fury; —[phāḍanā] to grin; —[bajānā] the teeth to chatter (through chill or cold); —[baiṭhanā/laganā ] the teeth to be clinched (as in lock-jaw etc.); —[se (paisā) pakaḍanā] to be extremely stingy; —[honā, (kisī cīja) para], lit. the teeth to be fixed on—to have the procurement (of someone or something) as a target; [dāṃtoṃ tale uṃgalī dabānā] lit. to bite the finger in astonishment etc.—to stand amazed; to be aghast; [dāṃtoṃ meṃ tinakā dabānā] to express complete sub-mission, to yield unconditionally.

4) Dāṃta (दांत) [Also spelled dant]:—(a) subdued, supressed, subjugated.

5) Dāṃtā (दांता):—(nm) a notch, cog or tooth (of a saw etc.), sprocket; dent; ~[kilakila] wrangle, wrangling, altercation; [dāṃtedāra] jagged, notched, cogged; dented.

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