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Dūrvā, aka: Durva, Dūrva; 3 Definition(s)

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Dūrvā (दूर्वा) is another name (synonym) for Śaṭī, which is a Sanskrit name for the plant Hedychium spicatum (spiked ginger lily). This synonym was identified by Narahari in his 13th-century Rājanighaṇṭu (verses 6.226-227), which is an Āyurvedic medicinal thesaurus.

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Dūrvā (दूर्वा) a species of grass (Panicum dactylon), is mentioned frequently from the Rigveda1 onwards. It grew in damp ground. A simile occurring in the Rigveda seems to indicate that the ears lay horizontal with the stem. Cf. Pākadūrvā.

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Dūrvā (दूर्वा):—One of the sixty-seven Mahauṣadhi, as per Rasaśāstra texts (rasa literature). These drugs are useful for processing mercury (rasa), such as the alchemical processes known as sūta-bandhana and māraṇa.

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