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In Buddhism

General definition (in Buddhism)

samanantara-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).

Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines

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Paccaya, (fr. paṭi+i, cp. Ved. pratyaya & P. pacceti, paṭicca) lit. resting on, falling back on...
Samanantara (समनन्तर).—His wife was Kriyā. Father of Agnis called Purīṣyas.** Bhāgavata-p...
Four (catur) is the number of the earth, and represents the fulfilment of manifestations in ...
an alternative rendering for contiguity-condition, samanatara-paccaya, which is one of the 24 c...
Samanantara Paccaya
'contiguity', is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).

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