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Source: Google Books: CRC World Dictionary (Latin names; Binomial nomenclature)

Cleome gynandra L. is the name of a plant defined in various botanical sources. This page contains potential references in modern medicine, Ayurveda, and other local traditions or folk medicine. It has the following synonyms: Cleome acuta Schumach. & Thonn., Cleome affinis (Blume) Spreng., Cleome alliacea Blanco, Cleome alliodora Blume, nom. illeg., Cleome blumeana Schult. f., Cleome blumeana D. Dietr., Cleome bungei Steud., Cleome candelabrum Sims, Cleome denticulata (DC.) Schult.f., Cleome eckloniana Schrad., Cleome edulis Raf., Cleome flexuosa F. Dietr., Cleome flexuosa F. Dietr. ex Schult. & Schult. f., Cleome flexuosa Griseb., nom. illeg., Cleome heterotricha Burch., Cleome lupinifolia Bartram, nom. nud., Cleome lupinifolia Gilg & Benedict, Cleome muricata (Schrad.) Schult. f., Cleome muricata Edgew., nom. illeg., Cleome palmipes (DC.) Spreng., Cleome pentaphylla L., Cleome pentaphylla var. glabra Kuntze, Cleome pentaphylla var. hirsuta Kuntze, Cleome pentaphylla Willd., Cleome triphylla L., Gymnogonia pentaphylla (L.) R. Br. ex Steud., Gynandropsis affinis Blume, Gynandropsis candelabrum (Sims) Sweet, Gynandropsis denticulata DC., Gynandropsis glandulosa C. Presl, Gynandropsis gynandra (L.) Briq., Gynandropsis heterotricha (Burch.) DC., Gynandropsis muricata Schrad., Gynandropsis ophidocarpa DC., Gynandropsis palmipes DC., Gynandropsis pentaphylla (L.) DC., Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC., Gynandropsis sessilifolia DC., Gynandropsis sinica Miq., Gynandropsis triphylla (L.) DC., Gynandropsis viscida Bunge, Pedicellaria gynandra (L.) Chiov., Pedicellaria pentaphylla (L.) Schrank, Pedicellaria pentaphylla Schrank, Pedicellaria pentaphylla var. hirsutissima De Wild., Pedicellaria triphylla (L.) Pax, Podogyne pentaphylla (L.) Hoffmanns., Sinapistrum pentaphyllum (L.) Medik..

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