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In Buddhism

General definition (in Buddhism)

See Saddhammajotipala.

Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

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dhammacārī : (m.) one who walks in the righteousness. (adj.) virtuous.
Pupil of Uttarajiva of Pagan. He went to Ceylon with his teacher, received the higher ordinat...
The name given in the Pali chronicles to the city of Pagan in Burma (Ramanna) (Bode: op. cit....
A sect founded in Pagan by Chapata and his four companions: Rahula, Ananda, Sivali and Tamali...
A work ascribed to Chapata. It explains difficult passages of the Vinayapitaka. Bode, op. cit.,...
A work on boundaries and sites for religious ceremonies written by Vacissara of Ceylon (Gv.62; ...
1. Ariyavamsa - A compilation, probably of the life histories of men eminent in the Buddhist ...
also called Kaccayanasuttaniddesa A grammatical treatise, explaining the suttas (aphorisms) ...
A Vinaya treatise by Chapata. Gv. 64; Bode, op. cit., 18.
One of the four companions of Chapata and a founder of the Sihalasangha in Burma (Sas., p.65). ...
The Pali name for the city now known as Bassein, in Burma (Bode, op. cit., 24). Near the city w...
A work on the Abhidhamma, ascribed to Chapata. Gv. 64; Bode, op. cit., 19.
An Abhidhamma treatise, probably composed by Chapata. Bode: op. cit., 18.

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