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Castor and Pollux of Greek mythology:—Ushas was accompanied by the Aswins, twin horses; these are morning and evening, since the darkness comes at evening as well as at morning, and these are the originals of the twin brothers whom we meet in every literature like Castor and Pollux.

(Source): Sanskrit and its kindred literatures Studies in comparative mythology

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ēraṇḍa (एरंड).—m ḍī f Castor-oil plant. ēra़ṇḍāsārakhā vāḍhaṇēṃ To shoot up rapidly-animal or p...
yama (यम).—m The god of hell. A pitiless man. Confining, restraining. yamācēṃ bōlāvaṇēṃ The cal...
daṇḍa (दंड).—m A stick, a staff, a mace. Beating, fining, punishment gen. but esp. by mulct or ...
Citrā (चित्रा) refers to one of the twenty-seven constellations (nakṣatra) according to accordi...
Vardhamāna (वर्धमान) is the name of an ancient city, according to the “story of the golden city...
snigdha (स्निग्ध).—a (S) Oily, unctuous, greasy, fat, that contains oil or fat. 2 Cohesive. 3 I...
jaṭa (जट) [-ṭā, -टा].—f The hair matted. League; con federation.--- OR --- jata (जत).—f Concert...
Punarvasu (पुनर्वसु) refers to one of the twenty-seven constellations (nakṣatra) according to a...
vyāghra (व्याघ्र).—m A tiger.
śukla (शुक्ल).—a White. Bright
tarūṇa (तरूण).—a Young, adult.
dantī (दंती).—a (S) Having teeth--a comb, an elephant, a wheel &c.--- OR --- dantī (दंती).—f S ...
ēraṇḍēla (एरंडेल).—n Castor-oil.
cañcu (चंचु).—f cañcupuṭa n A beak or bill.
gōrasaṇa (गोरसण).—n Bruised castor oil-seeds, curds, turmeric, buttermilk &c. used in softening...

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