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caḍha (चढ).—m (caya S) Ascent, acclivity, rise. 2 Increase, augmentation, advancement, lit. fig. (of position, station, degree, value, price). 3 Increased assessment. v basava, dē. 4 Attacking, assaulting, advancing upon. 5 Rising upon; outdoing, surpassing, excelling. caḍha dēṇēṃ To incite or work up. 2 To bid in advance of (at auctions). caḍha basaṇēṃ in con. To rise, advance, increase. caḍhāvara caḍha dēṇēṃ To rise or advance higher and higher. caḍhāsa or caḍhīṃ dēṇēṃ To instigate, incite, work up high. caḍhīsa bharaṇēṃ, caḍhīsa or caḍhīṃ lāgaṇēṃ To pursue ardently and determinedly, at all costs or risks. 2 To run up (in auction-bidding). 3 To be fired with emulation. Ex. ugīñca caḍhīṃ lāgūna pāñca rupayāñcēṃ kāpaḍa pāñcaśēṃsa ghēūṃ nakā.

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caḍha (चढ).—a (caya S) Superior to, excelling, surpassing.

--- OR ---

caḍhā (चढा).—a (caḍha) High--a tone or note: also braced up--a pakhavāja &c.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

caḍha (चढ).—m Ascent, acclivity, rise. Increase. Attacking. caḍha dēṇēṃ To incite or work up. caḍhāvara caḍha dēṇēṃ To rise or advance higher and higher. caḍhīsa bharaṇēṃ, caḍhīṃ lāgaṇēṃ To pursue ardently and determined- ly, at all costs or risks.

--- OR ---

caḍha (चढ).—a Superior to, excelling, surpassing.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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