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Bindumālin (बिन्दुमालिन्).—m. (in music) a kind of measure.

Bindumālin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms bindu and mālin (मालिन्).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Bindu (बिन्दु, “dot”) refers to Śakti (power) while Nāda refers to Śiva, as defined in the Śiva...
1) Tṛṇabindu (तृणबिन्दु).—A lake in the forest of Kāmyaka. The Pāṇḍavas once during their exile...
Mālin (मालिन्).—m. (-lī) A florist, a gatherer and vendor of flowers, a gardener. f. (-linī) 1....
Bindusāra (बिन्दुसार) or Bindusāratantra refers to one of the twenty-eight Gāruḍatantras, belon...
Meghamālin (मेघमालिन्).—n. of a yakṣa: Māy 41.
Svarṇabindu (स्वर्णबिन्दु).—A warrior of Subrahmaṇya. (Mahābhārata, Śalya Parva, Chapter 45).
Hiraṇyabindu (हिरण्यबिन्दु).—A sacred place near the Himālayas. During his pilgrimage Arjuna vi...
Rakta-bindu.—(SII 2), a flaw in diamonds. Note: rakta-bindu is defined in the “Indian epigraphi...
Marīcimālin (मरीचिमालिन्).—mfn. (-lī-linī-li) Splendid, radiant. m. (-lī) The sun. E. marīci an...
Suvarṇabindu (सुवर्णबिन्दु).—m. (-nduḥ) Vishnu. E. suvarṇa gold, and vindu, a dot or spot.
Brahmabindu (ब्रह्मबिन्दु).—a drop of saliva sputtered while reciting the Veda. Derivable forms...
Vanamālin (वनमालिन्).—a. adorned with a chaplet of wood-flowers (-m.) an epithet of Kṛṣṇa; धीरस...
Kaṅkālamālin (कङ्कालमालिन्).—m. (-lī) A title of Siva. E. kaṅkāla, mālā a necklace, and ini aff...
1) Senābindu (सेनाबिन्दु).—General information. A Kṣatriya King who lived in the age of the Pur...
Hemamālin (हेममालिन्).—m. (-lī) 1. The sun. 2. The Arka plant. E. hema, mālā a garland, ini aff...

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