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Natyashastra (theatrics and dramaturgy)

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Bhujagamukhī (भुजगमुखी) is the name of a meter belonging to the Drutā class of Dhruvā (songs) described in the Nāṭyaśāstra chapter 32.

Source: Wisdom Library: Nāṭya-śāstra
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Natyashastra (नाट्यशास्त्र, nāṭyaśāstra) refers to both the ancient Indian tradition (śāstra) of performing arts, (nāṭya, e.g., theatrics, drama, dance, music), as well as the name of a Sanskrit work dealing with these subjects. It also teaches the rules for composing dramatic plays (nataka) and poetic works (kavya).

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Jvālāmukhī (ज्वालामुखी).—a volcano. Jvālāmukhī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms j...
Bhujaga (भुजग).—m. (-gaḥ) A snake. E. bhuj a curve, and ga who goes.
Nandīmukhī (नन्दीमुखी).—sleepiness, sleep. Nandīmukhī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the ...
Candramukhī (चन्द्रमुखी).—a moon-faced (i. e. lovely) woman. Candramukhī is a Sanskrit compound...
mukhī (मुखी).—f A little hole (as in a vessel, &c.).
Śiśumāramukhī (शिशुमारमुखी).—A woman follower of Subrahmaṇya. (Mahābhārata Śalya Parva, Chapter...
Ruciramukhī (रुचिरमुखी) is the name of a meter described in the Nāṭyaśāstra chapter 32:—“the me...
Kamalamukhī (कमलमुखी) is the name of a meter belonging to the Pratiṣṭhā or Supratiṣṭhā class of...
Bhujagābhojin (भुजगाभोजिन्).—m., Bhujagābhojin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms b...
Bhujagadāraṇa (भुजगदारण).—m. epithets of 1) Garuḍa. 2) a peacock; यथा बर्हाणि चित्राणि बिभर्ति ...
Bhujageśvarāja (भुजगेश्वराज).—epithets of Śeṣa; संसारसारं भुजगेन्द्रहारम् (saṃsārasāraṃ bhujage...
Lūkamukhī (लूकमुखी) refers to the name of a Lady mentioned in the Mahābhārata (cf. IX.45.21). ...
Bhujagāśana (भुजगाशन).—m., Derivable forms: bhujagāśanaḥ (भुजगाशनः).Bhujagāśana is a Sanskrit c...
Indumukhī (इन्दुमुखी).—A lotus-creeper. Indumukhī is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the term...
Bhujagavalaya (भुजगवलय).—a bracelet consisting of a snake; तस्मिन् हित्वा भुजगवलयं शम्भुना दत्त...

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