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Bhogirāj (भोगिराज्).—m. Śeṣa, the lord of snakes; भुजे भोगिराजो गले कालिमा च (bhuje bhogirājo gale kālimā ca).

Bhogirāj is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms bhogin and rāj (राज्).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Virāj (विराज्).—1 U.1) To shine, glitter; शाखिनोऽन्ये विराजन्ते खण्ड्यन्ते चन्दनद्रुमाः (śākhin...
Bhogin (भोगिन्).—mfn. (-gī-ginī-gi) Enjoying, possessing an enjoyer, &c. m. (-gī) 1. A snak...
Bhogivallabha (भोगिवल्लभ).—n. (-bhaṃ) Sandal. E. bhogin a snake, vallabha beloved.
Rāj (राज्).—[(ṛ,) rājṛ] r. 1st cl. (rājati-te or irregularly rejate) To shine: With nir prefixe...
Svarāj (स्वराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) 1. Brahma or supreme spirit. 2. A form of metre used in the Vedas, ...
Yamarāj (यमराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) Yama, the Indian Pluto. E. yama Yama, and rāj a ruler; also with a ...
Viśvarāj (विश्वराज्).—m. (-rāṭ or rāḍ) A universal sovereign. E. viśva all, rāj who rules.
Nakrarāj (नक्रराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) or nakrarāja m. (-jaḥ) A shark, but applied also differently: se...
Manurāj (मनुराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) Kuvera, the god of wealth. E. manu man, and rāj to shine, aff. kki...
Mṛgarāj (मृगराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) 1. A lion. 2. The sign Leo of the zodiac. 3. A tiger. 4. The moon....
Bhogikānta (भोगिकान्त).—m. (-ntaḥ) Air, wind. E. bhogi a snake and kānta friend.
Ratnarāj (रत्नराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) A ruby. “māṇikye .”
Yakṣarāj (यक्षराज्).—m. (-rāṭ) Kuvera, the deity of wealth, and lord of the demigods called Yak...
Bṛhad-bhogin.—(IE 8-3; EI 28, 29; BL), same as Bṛhad- bhogika; a chief jāgīrdār; see Bhogin. No...
Plakṣarāj (प्लक्षराज्).—-m. the place where the Sarasvatī rises. Plakṣarāj is a Sanskrit compou...

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