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Source: A History of Indian Philosophy

In the Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya Madhva selects some of the important verses from the twelve skandhas of the Bhāgavata-purāṇa, and adds short annotations with the selected verses from the selected chapters of each of the skandhas. These are not continuous, and many of the chapters are sometimes dropped altogether; they are also brief, and made in such a manner that his own dualistic view may appear to be the right interpretation of the Bhāgavata. He sometimes supports his views by reference to the other Purāṇas, and in conclusion he gives a short summary of his view as representing the true view of the Bhāgavata.

The Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya is commented upon by various writers; some of the commentaries are:

  • Bhāgavata-tātparya-vyākhyā (called also Tātparya-bodhinī),
  • Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya-vyākhyā-vivaraṇa,
  • Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya-vyākhyā-prabodhinī,
  • Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya-vyākhyā-padya-ratnāvalī,
  • Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya-vyākhyā-prakāśa, by Śrīnivāsa (a brief work in prose),
  • and Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya-ṭīkā, by Jadupati, Chalāri and Veda-garbhanārāyanācāry

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