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Bhū, aka: Bhu; 4 Definition(s)

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1a) Bhū (भू).—Earth: (Bhūmi) one of the seven worlds; released from Rasātala by Hari in Varāha form, this, Devī worships Hari in that form in Uttara-Kuru;1 when Pṛthu wanted to punish her for scarce supply of food, she trembled and appealed to him to make the ground level plain and milk her with a calf and a pail; was milked by the King, sages, Gods, asuras and others; hilly tracts got levelled, and cities and villages were founded.2 Bhū is said to have given yogic pādukas to Pṛthu.3 presiding deity is Agni; burnt by pralaya fire;4 the measurement of the earth (Pramāṇam) attempted by Haryaśvas (s.v.).5

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1b) (Samiti) a Kṛtaloka, the first world; first was said Bhū and then came this world;1 is Pārthiva loka;2 these lokas are burnt by the flames of the seven suns;3 Marīci, Kaśyapa, Dakṣa and other Prajāpatis live here;4 people here live on rice and juice.5

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One of the Hands of The Seven Upper Worlds.–Bhu: the Patāka hand twisted upwards is applicable.

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1) Bhū, 2 (f.) (fr. bhū, otherwise bhūmi) the earth; Loc. bhuvi according to Kaccāyana; otherwise bhuvi is aor. 3rd sg. ; of bhū: see Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 516; Geiger, Pali Gr. § 865. (Page 507)

2) Bhū, 1 (fr. bhū) (adj.) being, (n.) creature, living being in pāṇa-bhū a living being (a breathing being) J. V, 79 (=pāṇa-bhūta C.). (Page 507)

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bhū : (f.) the earth.

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