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Ambiguity: Although Baal has separate glossary definitions below, it also represents an alternative spelling of the word Bala.

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Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

Baal in Hindi refers in English to:—(nm) a hair; young one, a child; boy; a crack (in glass etc.); (nf) an ear of corn; ~[kamani] spring (in a watch); -[kala] childhood (days); -[keli/krida] infantile fun, childly/childish, frolics; ~[gopala] the children; ~[camdra] the crescent; ~[cara] a boyscout; •[samgha] a boyscouts, association; ~[carita] the fun and frolic of a child or children; infantile/childish/childly gambols; ~[toda] see [balatoda; -dhana] a minor’s property; -[pakshaghata] infantile paralysis; ~[pana] childhood; -[bacce] children; family; -[buddhi] puerility; childishness; boyishness; puerile, childish; boyish; -[brahmacari] a celibate all one’s life; -[bhava] child-like; childhood; boyishness; ~[mati] see ~[buddhi; ~ravi] the early morning sun; ~[roga] infantile/children’s disease; -[vadha] infanticide; -[vidhava] childhood widow; -[vivaha] early marriage, boyhood marriage; ~[surya] hair-removing; ~[sapha] see ~[ravi; ~hatha] childish insistence; -[ana/padana] to develop a crack; to have a fine crack; to have a hairy growth; -[ugana] hair to grow; -[ka kambala banana, -ki bheda banana] to exaggerate, to make a mountain out of a mole-hill; -[ki khala khimcana/nikalana] to split hairs; to indulge in hair-splitting; to be too carping; -[khimcadi hona] to have an abundant sprinkling of grey hair amongst black; -[pakana, dhupa mem] to age without experience;—[pakana, kisi kama mem] to age with constant experience (in a particular occupation); -[barabara] hair-breadth, very narrow; -[bamka na hona] to remain unscathed; to emerge from an ordeal without so much as a scratch; -[bala] the whole being; from head to foot; hair-breadth, very narrow; -[bala gajamoti pirona] to be adorned all over, to over-ornate oneself; -[bala gunahagara hona] to be a sinner through and through; to be every inch a sinner; -[bala bamdha hona] the whole being to be under a debt; to be thoroughly bound by obligation; -[bala bacana] to have a hair-breadth escape, to have a very narrow escape; -[sana hona/sapheda hona] the hair to turn grey, to become/get old..—baal (बाल) is alternatively transliterated as Bāla.

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