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Ayāyavat (अयायवत्).—a. fortunate, lucky; सुलभैः सदा नयवताऽयवता (sulabhaiḥ sadā nayavatā'yavatā) Ki.5.2.

Ayāyavat is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms aya and ayavat (अयवत्). See also (synonyms): ayānvita.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Antarāya (अन्तराय).—m. (-yaḥ) Obstacle, impediment. E. antara between, iṇa to go, and ghañ aff.
Aya (अय).—m. (-yaḥ) Good luck, favourable fortune. E. iṇa to go, and ac affix; happiness procee...
Niraya (निरय).—m. (-yaḥ) Hell. E. nir out, beyound, aya good fortune.--- OR --- Nirāya (निराय)....
Āya-mukha.—‘sources of income’; cf. āya-śarīra. See Ghoshal, H. Rev. Syst., p. 26. Note: āya-mu...
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Āya-śarīra.—‘body of income’ separated from āya-mukha, ‘source of income’. See Ghoshal, H. Rev....
Hiraṇyaya (हिरण्यय).—f. (-yī) Adj. Golden. E. hiraṇya, mayaṭ aff.
Siddha-aya.—(EI 23; SII 11-2; ASLV), fixed income; regular income; same as Tamil sidd-āyam, som...
Vātāya (वाताय).—n. (-yaṃ) A leaf. E. vāta wind, ay to go, aff. ac .
Kāś-āya.—(SITI), same as kāśu-āyam; taxes and dues payable in coin; also called kāś-āya-vargam,...
Bhakta-aya.—cf. Kannaḍa bhatta-aya (SII 11-1); same as bhakta-adāya. Note: bhakta-aya is define...
Pratiṣiddha-aya.—(IA 19), same as siddha-aya. Note: pratiṣiddha-aya is defined in the “Indian e...
Bhatta-aya.—(SII 11-1), same as Sanskrit bhakta-aya. Note: bhatta-aya is defined in the “Indian...
Daṇḍa-aya.—(IA 29; SII 11-1), income from fines; explain- ed as ‘a tax’; cf. ‘the whole of the ...
Ayavat (अयवत्).—mfn. (-vān-vatī-vat) Lucky, fortunate. E. aya and matup aff.

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