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Source: Google Books: Obtaining Grace: Locating the Origins of a Tamil Saiva Precept

This term has signified different ideas and concepts throughout the history of Tamil literature. Aruḷ was cast as that principle of Śiva that spawned the cosmos, and it was widely regarded that only through Śiva’s aruḷ was a soul able to achieve liberation from the cyle of saṃsāra or rebirth.

The term is also found in Tamil Vaiṣṇava literature as well, indicating an element of Viṣṇu that follows for the emancipation of the soul; but literary history suggests that aruḷ is more closely associated with Śiva that Viṣṇu.

The Śaiva nāyaṉmār (“leaders,” literally; but generally, “poet-saints”) employed aruḷ in their hymns to describe Śiva and his exploits. In the pleas for their souls’ releas from ignorance, they asked Śiva for his aruḷ; and when they described him in one of his many mythscapes, aruḷ would designate a variety of activities.

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