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arthaśāsña (अर्थशास्ञ).—n S The science or system of accomplishing the true interest or well being of this present life; the law of Secularity, as contrad. from dharmaśāsña the law of Religion. Ex. arthaśāstrāhūna dharmaśāstra balāḍhya See daṇḍanīti, vyavahāraśāsx{093c}tra, dṛṣṭārtha- śāstra 2 The word therefore expresses inclusively The science of polity or of political and civil government. 3 arthaśāstra reckoned as an approximate synonyme with daṇḍanīti is contrad. from ānvī- kṣikī reckoned as having in agreement the terms nyāyaśāstra, tarkaśāstra, vidyāśāstra, and the former stands to express Principles, Science, Philosophy; and the latter; Practicality, or the Reduction of principles and philosophy into observance, exercise, and use. See ānvīkṣikī.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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