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Aristotle (Ἀριστοτέλης, 384-322 BC).—Aristotle supposed that the seat of the soul was in the heart; and he came to this conclusion by observing (1) that the diseases of the heart are the most rapidly and certainly fatal, (2) that psychical affections, such as fear, sorrow, and joy cause an immediate disturbance of the heart, (3) and that the heart is the part which is the first to he formed in the embryo.

The Upanishadic psychology agrees with the Aristotelian in locating the soul in the heart. We have already seen how important a part the “pericardium” plays in the Upanishadic psychology of sleep. The Upanishadic philosophers felt no difficulty in locating the soul in the heart; and it is not till we reach a later era in the evolution of Indian thought that we find that the seat of consciousness is transferred from the heart to the brain.

Source: A constructive survey of Upanishadic Philosophy: Varieties of Psychological Reflection

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