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Alternative spellings of this word include Anvach.

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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Anvac (अन्वच्):—[tatpurusha compound] m. f. n. (-nvaṅ-nūcī-nvak; nvañcam-nūcīm-nvak; nūcā-nūcyā-nūcā &c.; du. nvañcau-nūcyau-nūcī; plur. -nvañcaḥ-nūcyaḥ -nvañci; nūcaḥ-nūcīḥ-nvañci &c.)

1) Following; anūci (loc. sing.), behind, from behind; e. g. āgacchatonūci gajasya ghaṇṭayoḥ svanaṃ samākarṇya samākulāṅganāḥ &c. (comm. anūci pṛṣṭhadeśe).

2) (ved.) Going along or lengthwise; as opposed to udac and tiryac qq. vv.—The neuter anvak is used as adv. and assumes in conjunction with bhūtvā or in composition with bhūya and bhāvam (see anvagbhāvam) the meaning of ‘friendly or favourably disposed’. [Pāṇini, in the rule Iii. 4. 64. makes uses of the form anvaci which has the value there of a locat. of anvac; Patanjali blames him for this liberty: ayuktoyaṃ nirdeśaḥ . anūcīti bhavitavyam . sautroyaṃ nirdeśaḥ .. But as Pāṇini expresses himself in a similar manner when speaking of tiryac Iii. 4. 60. ‘tiryacyapavarge’—when he incurs a like remark from Patanjali—, it is perhaps more just to say that he did not intend to speak in these rules of the declinable anvac and tiryac, but of their neuters become indeclinable; and that, his method requiring in these rules the locative of the mentioned words, anvaci and tiryaci were less objectionable than anvaki and tiryaki, while anūci and tiraści, as suggested by Patanjali, would not have necessarily conveyed the notion of indeclinable words.] E. ac with anu, kṛt aff. kvin.

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