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Anuttarasura (अनुत्तरसुर) refers to a subclass of the Kalpātīta gods, according to Jain cosmological texts in both the Śvetāmbara and Digambara tradition. The Kalpātīta (those born beyond heavens) represent a sub-species of the Vaimānika gods, which in turn represents the fourth main classification of devas (gods).

The Graiveyakas are further divided into nine different species:

  1. Vijaya,
  2. Vaijayanta,
  3. Jayanta,
  4. Aparājita,
  5. Sarvārthasiddha (or, Sarvarthasiddhi).

All these five species have true belief. They are only on the 4th guṇasthāna and bind karman only possible on that stage.

Source: Wisdom Library: Jainism
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Jainism is an Indian religion of Dharma whose doctrine revolves around harmlessness (ahimsa) towards every living being. The two major branches (Digambara and Svetambara) of Jainism stimulate self-control (or, shramana, ‘self-reliance’) and spiritual development through a path of peace for the soul to progess to the ultimate goal.

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