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Anicca Sutta, 1 Definition(s)

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1. Anicca Sutta (see also Yadanicca Sutta) - Preached at Savatthi; all khandhas are impermanent. S.iii.21.

2. Anicca Sutta - Preached at Savatthi, in reply to a monks question. S.iii.21.

3. Anicca Sutta - At Savatthi, preached in reply to Radhas questions (S.iii.195).

4. Anicca Sutta - Same as (3); desire for what is impermanent should be repelled. S.iii.199.

5. Anicca Sutta - Same as (4). S.iii.200.

6. Anicca Sutta - All the external senses are impermanent. S.iv.1-2.

7. Anicca Sutta - The same. Personal senses, past, present and future, are impermanent. S.iv.3-4.

8. Anicca Sutta - On the impermanence of external sense perceptions. S.iv.5.

9. Anicca Sutta - All is impermanent (S.iv.28).

10. Anicca Sutta - All feeling, pleasant, painful and neutral is impermanent. S.iv.214.

11. Anicca Sutta - The idea of impermanence, if cultivated, is beneficial (S.v.132).

12. Anicca Sutta - On the seven kinds of persons who are worthy of homage and of gifts. A.iv.13-14.

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