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akkhikūpa : (m.) socket of the eye.

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary
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Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

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Kūpa (कूप).—m. (-paḥ) 1. A well. 2. A hole, a hollow. 3. A mast. 4. A tree or rock in the midst...
Andhakūpa (अन्धकूप).—m. (-paḥ) A blind well. E. andha, and kūpa a well: one of which the mouth ...
Lomakūpa refers to: a pore of the skin J. I, 67; KhA 51, 63; SnA 155 (where given as 99, 000)...
Romakūpa (रोमकूप).—m. (-paḥ) A pore of the skin. E. roma hair, and kūpa a well, a pit.
Śaucakūpa (शौचकूप).—m. (-paḥ) A privy.
Akkhi, (nt.) (to *oks, an enlarged form of *oqu, cp. Sk. īkṣate, kṣaṇa, pratīka, anīka; Gr. o)...
Kūpāṅga (कूपाङ्ग).—m. (-ṅgaḥ) Horripilation, erection of the hairs of the body, E. kūpa a well,...
Pratikūpa (प्रतिकूप).—m. (-paḥ) A moat, a ditch. E. prati implying little, and kūpa a well.
Tanukūpa (तनुकूप).—n. (-paḥ) A pore of skin. E. tanu, and kūpa a well.
Kupaṅka (कुपङ्क).—m. (-ṅkaḥ) A slough, a heap of filth and mud. E. ku vile, paṅka mud.
Kūpakacchapa (कूपकच्छप).—म (ma) (mā) ण्डूकः -की (ṇḍūkaḥ -kī) (lit.) a tortoise or frog in a wel...
Gaṇḍakūpa (गण्डकूप).—m. (-paḥ) The peak or summit of a mountain.
Mahatkūpa (महत्कूप).—a deep well. Derivable forms: mahatkūpaḥ (महत्कूपः).Mahatkūpa is a Sanskri...
Kūpayantra (कूपयन्त्र).—a water-wheel, a contrivance for raising water from a well. Derivable f...
Kūpadaṇḍa (कूपदण्ड).—a mast; क्षोणीनौ कूपदण्डः (kṣoṇīnau kūpadaṇḍaḥ) Dk.1.1. Derivable forms: k...

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