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akkhidala : (nt.) eyelid.

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary
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Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

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Dala (दल).—mn. (-laḥ-laṃ) A leaf. n. (-laṃ) 1. A part, a portion, a fragment. 2. Dividing, tear...
Aṣṭadala (अष्टदल) refers to a “mystical diagram of the lotus of eight petals”, according to the...
Vyāghradala (व्याघ्रदल).—m. (-laḥ) A red variety of the castor-oil tree. E. vyāghrastatpāda iva...
Ekadala (एकदल).—Name of a plant (canḍālakanda). Derivable forms: ekadalaḥ (एकदलः).Ekadala is a ...
Akkhi, (nt.) (to *oks, an enlarged form of *oqu, cp. Sk. īkṣate, kṣaṇa, pratīka, anīka; Gr. o)...
Bhujādala (भुजादल).—m. (-laḥ) A hand. E. bhujā the arm, and dala a leaf.
Caladala (चलदल).—m. (-laḥ) The holy fig tree. E. cala shaking, and dala a leaf. calāni dalāni a...
Sthūladalā (स्थूलदला).—f. (-lā) The Aloe-plant. E. sthūla large, and dala a leaf.
Dalasūci (दलसूचि).—m. (-ciḥ) A thorn. E. dala a leaf, and sūci a needle.
Dalakoṣa (दलकोष).—m. (-ṣaḥ) A sort of jasmine, (J. pubescens.) E. dala a leaf, and koṣa a sheat...
Indudala (इन्दुदल).—m. (-laḥ) A portion of the moon, a digit, a crescent, &c. E. indu and d...
Droṇīdala (द्रोणीदल).—m. (-laḥ) A flower, (Pandanus odoratissimus.) E. droṇī a water vessel, an...
Vidyādala (विद्यादल).—m. (-laḥ) The Bhurja-patra tree. E. vidyā, dala a leaf: being used for wr...
Kharadalā (खरदला).—f. (-lā) Opposite leaved fig tree. E. khara hot, dala leaf.
Dalāḍhaka (दलाढक).—m. (-kaḥ) 1. Sesamum growing wild or spontaneously. 2. An aquatic plant, (Pi...

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