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Akananuru (Tamil: அகநானுறு), a classical Tamil poetic work, is the seventh book in the secular anthology of Sangam literature (600 BCE - 300 CE), namely Ettuthokai. The secular anthology is entirely unique in Indian literature, which are almost religious during the era. It contains 400 Akam (subjective) poems dealing with matters of love and separation.

This book comes under the Akam category in its subject matter (Subjective, dealing with matters of the heart and human emotions). In the poems on Akam, the aspects of love of a hero and a heroine are depicted. The story of love is never conceived as a continuous whole. A particular moment of love is captured and described in each poem as the speech of the hero or the lady-companion or somebody else. A young man leading a peaceful life of love and affection with his wife is referred as "A bird with two heads and one soul".

Akananuru contains 401 stanzas and is divided into three sections:

  1. Kalintruyanainirai (களிற்றுயானைநிறை), 121 stanzas
  2. Manimidaipavalam (மணிமிடைபவளம்), 180 stanzas
  3. Nittilakkovai (நித்திலக்கோவை), 100 stanzas

Other names for Akananuru include Neduntogai or Nedunthokai ("the long anthology"), Ahappattu, Ahananuru, and Agananuru.

(Source): WikiPedia: Hinduism

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