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Source: WikiPedia: Buddhism

Ajahn (Achan, also spelt ajaan, ajarn, acharn and achaan) is a Thai language term which translates as teacher. It is derived from the Pali word acariya, and is a term of respect, similar in meaning to the Japanese sensei, and is used as a title of address for high school and university teachers, and for Buddhist monks who have passed ten vassa. (The last use is usually served by the spelling ajahn.) According to the Vinaya, any properly ordained monk can become an acariya after 10 years in the robes.

Some famous ajahns are:

  • Ajahn Mun
  • Ajahn Chah
  • Ajahn Sumedho
  • Ajahn Brahm
  • Ajahn Pasanno
  • Ajahn Amaro
  • Ajahn Jayasaro
  • Ajahn Maha Boowa
  • Ajahn Khemadhammo

In Thai language, expressions like Ajahn Chah or Ajahn Mun are very rarely used since there are ways that are much more respectful for addressing these highly esteemed monks.

Source: Amaravati: Glossary

teacher, from the Pali acariya. Achan is sometimes used.

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